Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Short Vacation

Back to classes.  Two Organic Chemistry lectures, one Organic Chemistry lab and one Philosophy lecture.  The philosophy class is Contemporary Moral Issues, so that should provide more material for me to write about here.

Now to finish the protocol write-up for the Organic Chem lab.  Tonight we are synthesizing LUMINOL.  Yes, that substance that is used on the TV shows to visualize trace amounts of blood.  The lab's name is Chemiluminescence.  Cool stuff

OK a change in plans.  I went ahead and accepted the invitation to be in the Organic Chem Honors Lab.  This lab is more research oriented and is an honor indeed to have been asked to join it.  But doing that means I'll be using up my vacation days as 1/2 days for 10 weeks so that I can attend the daytime sessions.  

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