Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have been spending an obscene amount of time chatting on Yahoo chat in the Christian chatrooms (CC9 to be exact).  Why is that?  It's not because of my religion, since I have none.  It seems that I like the conflict with the crack pot believers.  I also enjoy reading their take on religious belief, current issues and events.  I've saved umpteen hours of conversations and planned on editing that into a compilation of whacky ideas and beliefs.  For the more sensitive out there, these chat rooms aren't populated by your typical, run of the mill believer.   These true believers are impervious to evidence or contrary ideas, and most display their total ignorance of basic science, philosophy and history proudly.  They proudly hit the ignore button on anyone who contradicts them, and strangely enough, broadcasts that action to everyone in the chatroom.  It is something to be experienced.

Alas, despite my enjoyment, I must cut back on the time I spend in there.  I'm not saying anything that makes a difference, and the other non-believers that I've gotten to know in the room, are only there fleetingly.  The rooms also give a strong illusion of friendship and of knowing people, strictly from their thoughts typed onto the screen.  I find that I lose interest in being in the rooms unless my 'friends' are there.  This just tells me that I need to connect with my friends and make new friends, IN REAL LIFE.

So to my chatroom buddies that may be reading this, so long.  I may be popping in here and there, just to whet my appetite, but I will endeavor to spend less time in the rooms.  I am hardly perfect and I expect that I will break and join in.  If I do, please remind me of this note and post.

I want to point out that I do not lump all believers into the "whacky, weird and intolerant" pile, and especially those believers I've come to know and respect in the chat room.   The "True Believers" are those special individuals who exhibit the aforementioned traits of intolerance and proud ignorance.


  1. I can certainly understand why you've decided to spend less time in chat. It is, indeed, an "illusion" to think that we have friends in chat. Although, I'm sure there are exceptions, for the most part, nobody really gives a rip about anyone else in there. It does bother me though, that you've lumped all Christians into one category. Although I've struggled and wavered in my faith at times, I still remain christian and I think that you and I have had some very deep, logical, and calm conversations. I realize that all conversations in the cc rooms don't go so well. But don't count it all as loss. We've had some great laughs and passed some lonely hours. However, it is time consuming. I decided awhile back to spend less time in the rooms and more time with family and friends in real life. I wish you the very best, Mike. Believe it or not, you were one of the few that I had respect for. I appreciate your time and your "friendship". It is my sincere prayer that you will one day come to know the love of our Creator. God bless, Jo

  2. It's a cool thing to move on. Change is good, and it's not like chat doesn't run perpetual re-runs. Chatters come and go, but the idiocy remains in chat....thus saith the Deus. Can I get a rAmen?

    There are some wonderful folks everywhere, and real life is a great place to be. Take care, and be in touch as I will with you.

  3. I understand your decision. I had a fair bit of time away myself recently while trying to mend. I do hope you'll keep in touch.

  4. So long and thanks for all the fish!

    I've taken my sabbaticals from the looney bin in the past myself. Have fun with friends and family, and don't be a stranger!


  5. I understand, sometimes its good to have a break from chat :-) I have done it before. see ya sometime.